Question: What national cable networks will I be seen on?

Answer : Your Commercial will rotate among some of the top rated TV networks such as, CNN, ESPN, USA, TNT, FX, SCI-FI, and CNN Headline News.

Question: Is it expensive to make my commercial to run on the air?

Answer : No, using in house Digital Editing costs have decreased dramatically, see our production page for more information

Question: Can I use CO-OP or vendor provided advertisements.

Answer : Yes, We encourage you to use CO-OP or vendor provided advertising dollars. We would be glad to assist you in benefiting from these programs.

Question: What is the turnaround time from initial call to my advertisement actually being on the air?

Answer : Depending on production needs and time of year any where from one to ten days.

Question: Do you accept credit cards.

Answer : Yes using the PayPal Secure network.